6 Creative Techniques That Every Photographer Should Know

If you’re a photography enthusiast like myself, you probably follow dozens of other photographers and photography related pages on social media. Without even realizing it, you are likely to see hundreds of different photos a day. However, only a small portion of them make you say “Wow!” or “How did they shoot that?”

And naturally, just like we would look up Online casino free spins in the UK online, to learn where we can find a casino with free spins, we also look up fun techniques that we can use in photography. Making your photos catch the viewer’s eye is not an easy task. We must be really creative in our approach in order for somebody to find our work interesting. To make their photos appear cool, photographers use plenty of different techniques, and in this article, I will name some of them.


Time-lapse videos are used all the time, and this technique is much more prevalent in videography. However, photographers can use a really long exposure to create cool-looking imagery as well. It’s all about giving still images a motion and making the light around them appear like it’s moving. Try taking long exposure shots at night, as it’s the best time to take time-lapse photos.


I know that HDR seems a little too tacky and tasteless, but only when you bring it to the extreme. This technique exists for a reason, which is to alter the colors and shadows so they pop up and make the image more dazzling. Apply it just enough, and you’ll end up with a fantastic looking shot.

Monochromatic Color

Monochrome is a term usually referred to black and white photography. It basically means that you have only one color (grey) with several different shades of it. However, monochromatic photos can be in color as well. It’s not easy to create photos like these, as you will also need to be lucky. But if the light and the shadows are just right, you will have your perfect shot. Also, you can alter the colors in Photoshop to make it happen.


Tilt-shift is a photography technique that messes with our perspective and makes otherwise wide-angle images appear like photos taken with a macro lens. With the clever use of blur, objects like people, cars, buildings, and bridges can look like miniatures that you can pick up with your hand. This technique works best for city landscape photos, but you can experiment with other stuff as well.


This technique requires nothing more than rotating your photo by 180 degrees. Of course, only certain images have a better composition when they are turned upside-down, so you will need to carefully plan what you shoot. Naturally, you can always set yourself upside-down and try shooting like that, but you really shouldn’t. Instead, look for the things that will fit well in a flipped photo, like shadows and water mirrors.


Just like time-lapse, high-speed cameras are mostly used for video recording. Nevertheless, there is still something mesmerizing even when you capture a single frame of something happening that’s impossible to see in real-time. You can experiment with a lot of different high-speed shots and take pictures of anything that comes to your mind. The most popular high-speed images are water drops and bullets piercing through objects. 

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