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The Chicago Photographic Collectors Society was founded in 1971 and is chartered by the State of Illinois as a not-for-profit organization. It was started by a group of photo image and antique camera collectors, who wished to share and enhance their knowledge of the history of photography, with others with similar interests. Now almost 4 decades later, it remains one of the better known and respected groups of its kind. Most of our members are from the Chicago area but several are from other states.

Through its frequent meetings, mailings, and by the articles on this web site, it has shared knowledge and the exchange of ideas regarding the collection and preservation of photographics with other collectors and the general public.


1850 Daguerreotype Camera


A cased Daguerreotype


With this in mind, the Society in observance of its 25th Anniversary, provided the funding for the Cased Images Preservation and Access Project at the Chicago Historical Society, (now the Chicago History Museum). These are one of a kind historic images and would have been lost forever due to chemical deterioration. They will now be accessible to the public for research. More recently, in 1991 the Society helped defray some of the cost of acquisition by the Lake County Discovery Museum, Wauconda, Illinois of an Amet Magniscope projector (ca 1895), one of eight known to exist at the time, considered by some as the first practical 35mm moving picture projector and now on permanent interactive display at the Museum. It was invented by Edward H. Amet (1860-1948) of Waukegan, Illinois

The highlight of the Society activities is the annual International Camera and Image Trade Shows, sponsored by CPCS since its founding in 1971. The  Shows, held continually since 1971, draw dealers and collectors from around the world. One can see thousands of antique, collectable, contemporary and digital cameras, images and photo equipment, for sale, or trade. Dealers also purchase cameras and equipment. A free camera clinic service is usually available to check out your camera on electronic test equipment to see if it is in good working order.


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