photo camera 850x550 - What You Need to Know to Run Your Photography Blog Successfully

What You Need to Know to Run Your Photography Blog Successfully

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Photography is an art form. It can be astoundingly beautiful and has created and captured some of the greatest moments in history. It can also be quite an interesting hobby for someone who loves the click of a shutter. Today, you get instant feedback from your camera, and you already know if you captured a nice photo or if you left the shutter open for far too long or if the aperture was wrong or if the ISO sensitivity was too high or too low. All of this makes it easy to learn and to improve, which is one of the necessary things to know if you want to start your own photography blog. Here are some things you should also consider if you want to start a blog.

Starting a Blog – Choosing a Domain, Theme

Keyboard 300x198 - What You Need to Know to Run Your Photography Blog SuccessfullyStarting a blog means that you need to host your photos somewhere and that you need to have your own domain. The problem with having a specific site dedicated to photography is that the storage space can be used up pretty quickly. There are image sharing sites which you could use to store your own photos, and leave links to them on your blog.

Speaking of your blog, you should choose a domain name, a suitable one, as well as a theme which matches your goal. There are plenty of free themes online, but paying for a suitable theme should also be considered if you are aiming to become a bit more serious. A good theme can make your life easier when it comes to management and uploads. It can also look much better and load faster, something your visitors will be grateful for.

Choosing the Right Camera – Be Realistic

camera lens 300x188 - What You Need to Know to Run Your Photography Blog SuccessfullyIf you are a beginner, chances are that you will not need a full frame camera which costs well over 2000 dollars, and that’s just the camera body, without the lens. Yes, you could buy older, cheap M42 lens and use an adapter to mount them on your camera, but for that amount of money, you could get a very decent body and at least 4 good lenses.

Look at the used market if you want a good body for a decent price. There are plenty of amateur photographers turning professionals who sell their old cameras. Be careful when browsing the used market, as not all cameras were treated with the same care.

Choosing Your Subjects – Experiment a Lot

phtographer winter 300x279 - What You Need to Know to Run Your Photography Blog SuccessfullyPhotography means that you can take photos of anything, from very small insects, to large objects which will definitely not fit in the frame unless you are at least a couple of miles away. Choose one subject to start with, because you will need a specific lens for that type, let’s say insects. Insects and small objects require macro lenses. If you want to photograph birds or other wild animals, you need a telephoto lens. For people, you could use a standard lens. Do not be afraid to try out different subjects, because it will require you to improve, which is always a good thing.

License Your Photos – Not All of Them

You should license the photos you think you could sell. People often steal photos from other sites, especially blogs which make it seem like they have no idea what they are doing. With that in mind, you should protect your intellectual property by getting a license. Get an appropriate one (yes, there are different licenses). Consider leaving some photos in the public domain, as well.

These are the things you should know before you start your photography blog. Get out there and take some photos!