4 International Photography Magazines That You Must Subscribe To

While photography has almost entirely gone digital, people still haven’t invented anything that can replace that fine print. While we were growing up, there was only one way to look at other people’s work — magazines.

Before each photographer could create their own website or an Instagram page, they had to present their photos in other ways. While they are not as popular as they once were, photography magazines are still a thing, and they are what every real photographer should have.

In this article, you will be able to read about my personal top 4 photography magazines that will definitely be worth your time and money.

British Journal of Photography

BJP is one of the oldest photography magazines in the world, releasing its first issue in 1854. Since then, there have been over 7,800 issues released. The Journal comes out at the beginning of each month. Portraits, education, travel, and community are just some of the main subjects of the magazine. Inside, you can find plenty of photos and interviews from established artists. Although it comes out in Britain, BJP features worldwide photographers as well.

Since 2016, the British Journal of Photography organizes an annual competition titled Portrait of Britain.

4 international photography magazines that you must subscribe to camera tv screen - 4 International Photography Magazines That You Must Subscribe To

National Geographic

While it’s not primarily about photography, National Geographic magazine works with some of the best camera documentarians on the planet. Geography, exploration, nature, science, and culture are the main subjects of the magazine, and some of the photos that you can see inside it are truly breathtaking.

With a global circulation of over 6 million copies a month, NatGeo is one of the most successful printed materials in the world. The magazine is originally printed in English, although you can find copies in many other languages as well.

Outdoor Photographer

For all of you who enjoy spending time outdoors with your camera and taking photos of beautiful landscapes, Outdoor Photographer should be the magazine of your choice. With over 200,000 regular subscribers, this is one of the most popular American photography publications. As you would guess, the main subject of Outdoor Photographer is nature.

However, unlike other popular photography magazines, Outdoor Photographer doesn’t focus that much on other people’s work. Instead, it’s a reading material full of tips and tricks that you can use while you’re outdoors taking photos. They write about beautiful locations, give suggestions about lenses and other gear, and more.

Aperture Magazine

Aperture magazine is an American photographic journal based in New York with quarterly editions. It was first issued in 1952, and it’s under the wing of Aperture Foundation. The magazine comes out each season (Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall) and is exclusively printed in English.

Aperture features artists from various spheres of photography and presents their inspiring work on over 100 pages per edition. The magazine often organizes exhibitions, competitions with awards, and workshops throughout the United States.